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The medical sector in the state of Kuwait can be consider one of the most growing sectors in the business environment with a positive touch in the society and the people in Kuwait , even in government or private clinics , and can be considered the new investment field for the banks and the financial institutes .

There are almost a new 50 general practitioner dentists take their licenses every year , same number from pharmacy school and almost 100 graduate from general medicine school , there is a new 15 licenses for private dental clinic every year , not the mention the new plan for the government to build new hospitals and specialized medical centers , this is why a huge capital shifting now to invest in the medical business and healthcare institutes .

But now , where are we on the map ? What is our job ? Our responsibility toward that growing market ? The answer is simply to provide the best service to those new projects ether in the government or the private sector , we believe in an idea , the doctor can not give his best to his patient unless he got all the materials and the needed equipments for his speciality , MAREIDA now can provide the best disposable supplies and the materials that can be found the market , deliver it in time , any quantity , different methods for the payment according to your demands and in a very cost effective price .

Not only that , MAREIDA is pushing so hard to invest a lot to provide all the detergents and antiseptic solutions that used in hospitals and clinics , also soon all the stainless steel instruments used in the medical and the dental practice will be available in competitive prices as usual .

Since mid 2016 and MAREIDA earning new clients in the government and the private sectors , MAREIDA start to cooperate with other medical companies in Kuwait for a better distribution for our merchandise , acquired more trust in the market , and becoming a major front market for many manufacturers in the gulf area , laid the foundation to our success and proud to work with them from the beginning , not to mention that MAREIDA is so ready to cooperate with any foreign company looking for a distributer in this such a growing market .

We and our partners , manufacturers , we can say that the profits and the market process growing in a positive way , we are so confident about the trust of our partners and customers together , and this success that we build it together will push MAREIDA for a new horizon and beyond .

Dedication always for the best

Partners of success