About Us


We are a start-up company with big goals and huge dreams , our target is to make the medical and dental services for our clients much more better by giving the best of our capabilities to support and push our customers for the best results .

We believe that the best achievements and accomplishments comes always from the teamwork performance , our clients are always the most important part in our success and on the top of the list when we talk about priorities.

MAREIDA is ready to cooperate with any company - inside or outside Kuwait - wants to expand their businesses , push it to a new levels and looking for a partnership in the medical and dental field .

Dedication always for the best,,,,

CEO Message

The beginning was small, small office in Tunis street in hawally, Kuwait, we start with one or two merchandises only, our new company was small in a market filled with huge cooperations with enormous budget, yet we still can pass through and create our brand, we trust our services we provide and the quality of our items we are selling, we had to create something special, unique about MAREIDA.

Wasn't easy? Of course no, easy wasn't an option, but to be onset it was entertaining, delightful to see your own project grow up in this special field in front your eyes until it's become a pivotal company in the market, very happy to see the name and the reputation of MAREIDA attendant in many medical institutes both in governmental and private sectors, to me it's a long standing dream becoming true, and that's why I chose a LOGO that's truly represent the value of this company which is,,,
Dedication always for the best

Dr. Abdulrahman alessa
Founder/ chief executive of mareida medical supplies

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